What is it?

SAP Business Rule Framework Plus, also known as BRF+ is an encapsuled management system for decision management. This means that decisions within business processes are formalized into SAP systems. BRF+ does not require any knowledge of SAP ABAP programming language.

BRF+ comprises out of the following three main elements of a management system:

  • design studio
  • repository
  • runtime

The added value of a BRF+ decision logic is multifold. The business logic can change independently of the application programs which allows to uncouple changes of the business logic from lengthy IT-change management processes. Another quick win is that most business-department power-users of Microsoft Excel will be able to adjust the decision logic without any assistance of the IT department i.e. programmers. Simple decision tables are extremely powerful decision logic elements, called expressions. Decision tables can be maintained in business department simply using MS Excel.

BRF+ comprises out of the following three main elements of a management system:

BRF+ is included in Netweaver Application Server ABAP. Numerous use cases in SAP GRC, Solution Manager, BI, Master Data Governance and many more show the power and versatility of this SAP solution. But those use cases are only the starting point. The automated generation of ABAP snippets allow the easy integration of custom BRF+ logic into standardized SAP solutions.

BRF+ – a step towards agile organizations in the digital transformation.

Implementation of Business Rule Framework (BRF+)

If you are planning to implement BRF+ logic, do not hesitate to contact us for end-to-end solution design to implementation. This blog shows a possible, extended use-case in SAP GRC AC.

Helpful resources also are the SAP Education trainings DSM100 or WGB301 for GRC Access Control. BRF+ made a huge leap forward from NW7.02 to NW7.51. Especially the simulation of individual components of BRF+ applications facilitates BRF+ development and implementation. And if you are looking for more, you might want to consider hot-deployments or the implementation of a centralized DSM server with BRF+ webservices.


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