Cloud ID

In a connecting world where users, machines and appliances interact and exchange data throughout the Internet, management of identities becomes increasingly demanding. The Internet of Things (IoT) weaves an invisible net around us, providing services, collecting and analyzing our data. Every device gets its own digital identity which must be protected, although the devices are not in control of the producer.

Managing and protecting identities in public network is demanding in multiple dimensions.

  • Cloud identities are mostly not qualified and can be completely faked.
  • The management of cloud identities must be accomplished at minimal cost.
  • Customers perceive software security as a quality criteria.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GRPR) increase requirements and penalties for companies and organizations.
  • Traditional network protection measures are insufficient

The weakest link in the IoT will become the target of the attack vector. Thus those devices and services must be protected.

Cloud identities are hard to manage in times of internet of things (IoT) and General data protection regulation. Personalized data must be protected according to local law, even if the data is collected by a machine or device. On the other hand, unauthorized or unwanted cloud identities must be managed and exempted from service usage in a timely way. The present and the future of cloud identity management is AI based analytics, subsequent, automated provisioning in connection with authorization self services. Nevertheless, critical access risks must be avoided and that requires a set of access governance rules which are consistently applied.

We help our customers to identify and address key risks while leveraging on efficiency drivers for their cloud identity management.


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